Grav 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock Glass Pipe

By: Grav
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Mini Sherlock Pipe

Avast! Here be a small pipe sure to put a smile on your face! Grav's 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock is everything you expect from Grav's high-quality glass, but now in a micro, pocket size. This small Sherlock can easily slip into a pocket or purse and be stored for its next use; its compact body is easy to clean with no nooks and crannies, so every time will be like the first. The neck is curved like a traditional Sherlock pipe, and beside the bowl is a small hole to work as a carb.

3" Long

This tiny pipe is only a mere 3 inches long, able to slip away quickly and stay discrete, but make no mistake: this little pipe can pack as powerful a punch as the big boys!

Assorted Colors and Opacities

These Grav 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock Pipes are available in an assortment of colors and opacities, meaning some are more transparent and glass-like than others. Each order will receive one pipe drawn at random.