Grav Ionix Triple Core Wax Vaporizer

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Massive Power. Massive Clouds. Massive Taste.

Whether you want massive clouds from your vaporizer or delicious taste, you can have the best of both worlds with Grav's new Ionix Vape System. Featuring 3 atomizers which can each be activated individually or all at once, the Ionix is set to replace all of your oil rigs, torches, and accessories all from one box.

Sleek, Cylindrical Body

The Ionix has a baton-like body, smooth and round from its solid battery base up through its glass top.

Desktop Power in a Portable Pen

Get the great vapor production of an oil rig without the hassle of any torches or tools. The Ionix can produce large clouds of flavorful vapor in no time at all, directing the vapor straight up the borosilicate glass top to the open mouthpiece. The Ionix comes mounted in its base, but the whole of the unit can be removed from the base for use on the go.

Three Atomizers

The Grav Ionix can house 3 atomizers. Each one has a corresponding button on the body to be fired individually, if you would prefer to savor your waxy concentrates and oils; however, if you want to get the ultimate experience, simply hold down the larger master button to fire all three atomizers at once to produce a cloud unparalleled in the vaporizer world!

The Ionix Kit comes complete with 12 atomizers: 6 each of ceramic core and quartz core. Each have their own strengths, and each will serve you in their own special way, but they can be mix and matched and experimented with to find the best balance of flavor, power, and capacity for your tastes.

Long Lasting Lithium Battery

The long lasting lithium ion battery means that you can enjoy long-lasting vape experiences uninterrupted. When it's time to charge, simply plug the included USB charger into the side of the Ionix's body to be prepared for more. Or, for uninterrupted sessions, simply plug the device in and use the included base to use the Ionix as a desktop vaporizer.

Kit Contents

  • Ionix Base Unit: the wide, mountable base and the battery-based body of the Ionix
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning Tool
  • 6 Quartz Core Atomizers
  • 6 Ceramic Core Atomizers
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Wall Charger

Available in Black

The Ionix is available in Black. Stay tuned for more colors!

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