Jellyfish Glass "Crime Solver" Mini Sherlock

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It's no mystery what the name of this pipe alludes to. Go out on the town, whether sleuthing or partying, with these Mini Sherlock glass hand pipes from Jellyfish Glass! Hand crafted in North America, no two pipes are alike; not only in the respect that some may differ slightly in size, but each pipe is crafted in a different blend of colors and fuming. These pipes measure around 3.75" long and are crafted with an angled flat bottom under their bowl to keep them steady when placed down. The bowls are a standard size and feature a carb to their left for the perfect draw every time.

Available in Assorted Colors

As mentioned earlier, every pipe is different. These "Crime Solver" Mini Sherlocks are available in many colors including, but not limited to, Green, Amber, and Blue, and each color has a different level of fumed color added in; some have a lot, some have none, some only have it around the pipe's mouth; each pipe is unique!

Every order will receive one color at random, with a random amount of fuming. If you have a color preference, let us know in your order notes and we will try to accommodate. If we don't have your preferred color we will try to let you know before we pick another random color.

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