Jellyfish Glass Dazzling Dichroic Bone

Jellyfish Glass
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Dazzle your friends with this Dazzling Dichroic Bone spoon pipe from Jellyfish Glass! Built with an extra large bowl which narrows into a smaller mouthpiece, this bone almost looks like a femur, giving it its name. These pipes are striped with a dichromatic paint paired with a colored glass stripe, and around the bowl of the pipe are accentuating marbles.

These pipes are 4" long and are 2" wide at their bowl.

Available in Blue and Red

These Dazzling Dichroic Bone pipes are available with Blue or Red accents complementing the cool blue-green dichroic stripes.

Hand-Crafted in the USA

Each Jellyfish Glass piece is hand-made in Arizona, USA. As such each pipe will be slightly different than another, both in length or design.