JM Enterprises 8" Mini Acrylic Graphic Bubble Bong, Assorted Styles

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Body Shape:

  • 8" tall acrylic bongs. 
  • Miniature 1" diameter mouthpiece. 
  • Mixed variety of colors and graphics including Rick and Morty and Dragonball Z. 
  • Saucer-shaped bubble chamber. 
  • Fixed metal bowl for smoking herbs. 

These tubes may be mini, but they aren't short on expression! Featuring artwork from Rick and Morty or Dragonball Z, each of these water pipes stand 8 inches tall, have a built-in metal bowl and downstem, and have a 1 inch wide mouthpiece. Near the base is a small, short bubble, but, coupled with the small bowl on these pipes, it can hold plenty of water to help filter and cool your smoke.

These Mini Graphic Bubble Tubes are available in an assortment of colors and graphics, from white to green colored plastic and featuring a wide array of art from either Dragonball Z or Rick & Morty. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive one random style.

Upgrade your Bowl

The bowl included with this bong can be unscrewed and replaced. Consider upgrading to one of these larger bowls for a better smoking experience: