JM Enterprises Table Smoker 2 Acrylic Bubbler, Assorted Colors

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  • Acrylic bubbler bong. 
  • Tilted bubble bong on a flat acrylic slab. 
  • Includes metal pull slide bowl. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

Is it a bubbler? Is it a bong? No, it's the Table Smoker from JM Enterprises!

Combining the best aspects of smoking pipes with JM Enterprises own 50+ years of experience, the Table Smoker is a bubbler bong built for excellent toking. It's a bubble bong tilted for a relaxed smoking experience, with  its downstem extending deep into the bubble for ultimate bubbling power.

Upgrade your Bowl

The bowl included with this bong can be unscrewed and replaced. Consider upgrading to one of these larger bowls for a better smoking experience: