Juicy Double Wraps

By: Juicy Jay's

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Premium Quality Selection: Assorted Flavors in Double Wraps Online

Discover the Flavor of Juicy Double Flavored Wraps for a Unique Smoking Experience

  • 2 Wraps per pack. 
  • Triple-dipped for max flavor. 
  • Resealable packet. 
  • 25-piece display box available. 

Juicy was already the most flavorful blunt wrap in the world but now they've added EVEN MORE flavor! This secret intensifying process is done in the Dominican Republic under perfect tobacco conditions, allowing Juicy Wraps to stay moist & delicious (unlike cheap dry wraps).

Juicy Double Wraps are made with Juicy's famous triple-dip flavor system. Each pack is re-sealable and contains two Juicy Wraps.

Receive one pack of 2 Wraps per quantity purchased.

25-Piece Display Box Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 25 of one flavor of these Juicy Double Wraps! Perfect for your store, or your next party. Simply add 25 of a single flavor of Juicy Double Wraps to your cart and, after you check out, you will receive them in a closed, sealed display box ready to open and distribute.