Krave Mini Glycerine Bong

By: Krave
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Freezer Neck for Chilled Hits

  • 6" Tall
  • Detachable Glycerine Chamber
  • Stemless, Inline Perc Design
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl

Krave, one of the most prolific brands in making freezable pipes, is back at it again with a set of innovative water pipes. This Mini Glycerine Bong features a detachable neck piece which has a coiled tube inside of a glycerine chamber. For chilled sessions, simply remove this neck piece, place it in the freezer for a few minutes, and snap it back into place. The smoke you draw through will travel through the coil, increasing the time it spends in the chilled chamber, to make every hit cool and smooth.

This mini bong stands only 6 inches tall, but it maximizes every inch. The unique cylinder-style of this pipe maximizes its volume while minimizing its footprint. From the body to the neck to the included dry herb bowl, each piece of this pipe reflects the same cylindrical design which makes this piece fun to look at.

The body has one 14mm Female Joint to accept your favorite attachment or accessory, such as the included bowl; and it has one 19mm female joint, made to accept the Glycerine Chamber Neck, which has a matching 19mm joint. There are other Krave pieces with a similar design, where the glycierine chamber has a 19mm joint, allowing them to be swapped out to make something entirely new. As you expand your collection you can find new ways to put them together!

This pipe is built with a stemless, inline perc for minimal filtration but maximum taste. Percolation quickly mixes your smoke with water, which will cool your smoke but, unfortunately, muddle the terpenes in your flower or herbs. Luckily you have this minimal percolation- you don't need it to chill your smoke since the glycerine chamber is just ahead!

Each Glycerine Mini Bong includes a:

  • Glass Body with 14mm and 19mm female joints
  • Krave-branded dry herb bowl
  • Krave Glycierine Chamber with 19mm Male Joint
  • 19mm Clip

The clip can be used with the glycerine chamber to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Unlike on a nectar collector, where clips are important to hold things in place, it's not totally necessary for this piece but included for convenience.

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