Light Saber Dabber

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Feel the Power Flowing Through You

  • 5" Long
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Assorted Colors

Search your feelings! You know it be true: This is the finest dab tool in the galaxy! With but one slice you can cut through any waxy concentrates and deliver them where they belong. No matter what side you believe to be right, this Light Saber Dab Tool will lead to the true path!

These dabbers are all glass and come in at nearly 5" long. Their handles are sturdy, and they are tipped with a small ball to ensure a good grip on any material that may be hanging on.

I suggest you try it again. This time, let go of your conscious self and act on instinct.

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry these Light Saber Dabbers in a wide assortment of colors which includes Yellow, Red, and White, each on their own Black or White handle. Use the "Preferred Color" option above to specify what style you would like, or leave it as "No Preference" for us to pick one at random for you.

*We cannot guarantee that your selected color will be in stock. Available colors are subject to change without notice. If you request a color we do not have we will contact you with our available colors before completing your order.
Being hand-blown, final size and color may vary from what is shown.

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