Lighter Bro Multi-Tool Lighter Sleeve

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Turn Your Lighter into a Swiss Army Knife

Compact, slim, and discrete, the Lighter Bro Multi-Tool Sleeve slips over your pocket lighter and packs a whopping 7 tools for you to keep close at hand!

Lighter Bro adds a mere 1/4" to your favorite pocket lighter and from it you can extend all manner of tools such as scissors, a fire starter, and both a Philips and Flathead screwdriver! Each tool is spring-loaded for instant action, and the Lighter Bro also includes a bottle opener at its bottom- no spring-opening required!

Available in Metallic Gold and Silver & Stealth Matte Black

Bling or not, we have a style for you. Lighter Bro is made of 420-grade Stainless Steel for a highly durable body, and the Metallic versions are treated to a mirror-finish that won't chip or fade. The Matte Black version is made with the same process, but left as an un-treated matte finish to complement nearly anything.

Choose your favorite style from our option choices above to get your new best friend: the Lighter Bro!

Designed to Work With Bic Lighters

These Lighter Bros are designed with a traditional solid-color Bic Lighter in mind: they slide right into place! They're a dime a dozen, but if you need one you can browse our Bic lighter brand collection to find one to suit you!