Metal Large Chamber Pipe with O-Rings

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Deep Bowl, Wide Chamber

That's deep, man! This pipe has an extra tall .75" bowl ready to be stuffed to the brim and covered with the included smoke-through cap. That's a lot of herbs you can pack inside! When you're ready to enjoy them, light it up and let the smoke flow through into the center chamber where it will mix and cool before meeting your lips for the best taste you could experience from such a compact metal pipe.

As mentioned, this pipe features a deep bowl, a smoke-through cap, a bulbous stem chamber, and a tapered mouthpiece, all in a brushed nickel finish, and the pipe is decorated with colored o-rings.

Available in Assorted Colors

The body of this pipe is available in a Nickel finish, but the o-rings that decorate it come in a variety of colors such as Yellow, Red, Blue, and more. Our inventory changes all the time, so other colors may be available! Each order will receive a random color.

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