Mini Backflow Burners, Assorted

By: Fujima

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A Grab-Bag of Fun Backflow Burners

We at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff love backflow burners, and now we're proud to present to you our latest addition: a nice box of miniature burners! Featuring both traditional Buddha & Lotus stylings alongside the contemporary skulls and tree figurines, these assorted burners feature something for everyone. Whether you're looking for some added Zen or something more expressively unique for your tastes, check out the pictures above and breeze through this overview of the available styles:

  • Lotus Buddha: Smoke flows through the bowl and collects in the lotus flower underneath.
  • Buddha Head: Smoke flows out and down from the ears.
  • Colored Lotus: Smoke trickles into the lily pad at the bottom.
  • Brass Lotus: Same as the Colored Lotus: smoke collects on the bottom leaf.
  • Tree Face: Smoke flows out of the mouth.
  • Skull: Smoke flows down inside and out the mouth.

Each order receives one burner at random and includes a small package with a brass burner drop-in, one free backflow incense cone, and a mat to put under your burner to protect your furniture.

Shop for More Backflow Incense

Each backflow burner includes one backflow incense cone, but since when is one ever enough? Shop our wide flavor selection of Backflow Incense to find a pack that's right for you! We carry awesome brands such as Wildberry, whose flavors are rich and exquisite, and other brands, which can create thick clouds of fog for a great effect. Find your favorite flavor and add it to your cart to enjoy your new incense burner to its fullest!

Order 6 to Receive the Whole Box

Can't bear to only have one? Or, maybe more likely, would you like a fun, full display box for your store? Order 6 of these Mini Backflow Burners to receive the whole box! The top can be popped open to display the box of burners on your store shelf.