Mini Double Uptake Recycler

(You save $9.00)
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  • Only 5" Tall
  • Small volume means greater taste
  • Vortex Upper Chamber
  • Includes 10mm Bowl

You don't need a powerful, giant dab rig to enjoy your waxes and concentrates! On the contrary, it has been proven that having less space for air will leave you with greater flavor from your concentrates; and many smokers attest that having minimal percolation leads to a greater dabbing experience. So instead of going for the largest rig on the market, invest in a Mini Recycler such as this! Combining the benefits of minimal percolation, compact air space, and a vortex recycling chamber, this Mini Double Uptake Recycler can provide you with an unparalleled smoking experience!

This mini rig has a familiar design to woke dabbers, but this version comes with a nice price cut. If you're looking to save some bucks by not buying a branded piece, this is the ultimate rig to own!