Mini Hookah Waterpipe

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Enjoy the power and quality of a hookah on the go with these Mini Pocket Glass Hookahs from D&K Dengke. Available in assorted body styles, these hookahs stand no more than 5" tall and each feature a removable bowl with a silicone seal to keep all the smoke and water contained. The bowls feature a fine mesh screen to hold your favorite shisha. Enjoy smoke filtered through water for the ultimate experience, all bundled into a package that can slip into your pocket or bag!

Available in Assorted Styles

We carry an assortment of these Pocket Hookahs, each in identical boxes which makes them hard to distinguish from one another despite being available in assorted body styles, as pictured above. Each order will receive one random hookah.

12-Piece Display Box Available

Order 12 to receive a display box containing 12 boxes of random Mini Hookahs for your store counter.