Mouthpeace: Personal Silicone Mouthpiece

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Your Own Personal Mouthpiece

  • Sanitary & Reusable Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Fits Most Bongs
  • Available in Assorted Colors (Scroll to Info)
  • 9-Piece Display Available (Scroll to Info)

Stay germ free with this wonderful product, the Mouthpeace by Eyce! This silicone wonder can be inserted into the mouthpiece of most pipes and tubes, letting you slip it on, enjoy a hit, and remove it to pass the glass. The tapered design gives a nice air-tight fit for any size tube small or wide. Comes in different colors and also includes a lanyard to wear around your neck.

The Mouthpeace is an absolute must when you are attending seshes. Many vendors are giving out free samples and you don't want to be putting your mouth directly on the tube, who knows who else used it! And you definitely don't want to miss out on the free dabs so this is worth every penny.

Another added benefit of the Mouthpeace is that it reduces the backsplash you get sometimes when you're taking a hit from your bong or dab rig.

Available in several colors

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9-Peace Display Box Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 9 of these Eyce Mouthpeaces! All 9 will be packaged in a closed, sealed display box ready to be opened and distributed. Simply add 9 of this product with the "Randomly Awesome" Preferred Color to your cart and, after checking out, we will ship them to you in a closed display box for you to open.

Each display box contains the following quantities of Mouthpeaces:

  • 2x Green
  • 2x Blue
  • 2x Purple
  • 1x Teal & Black
  • 1x Pink & Purple
  • 1x Orange & Yellow

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