Nickel Twin Small Chamber Pipe with Filter

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Two Mixing Chambers on One Long Pipe

Sit back and relax with this filtered pipe that features not just one but two expanded stem chambers. The twin chambers on the stem of this pipe, joined by a conventional metal section, result in a pipe that comes out measuring more than 4" long, giving smoke a long stem to travel through as well as two chambers to swirl and mix within. When coupled with the filter, this pipe is sure to bring long, sweet, cool draws with every puff. Removing the smoke-through cap will reveal a filter waiting at the bottom of the bowl which will catch ash and filter through only smoke, giving you an unparalleled smoking experience.

Limited Part Piece

This pipe is built using a brass filter at the bowl, and that's a piece that is, unfortunately, in limited supply. That means that once we sell out of these pipes they'll be gone forever! Grab one today before you miss your chance for good!

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