Noor Evo Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

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Complete Concentrate Kit

If you're looking for a discrete, economic approach to vaping concentrates, the Noor Evo is right up your alley! Boasting a 400 mAh battery and loaded with variable voltage settings and a pre-heat function, this vape will do everything you need and all for under $20.

Ceramic Core / Quartz Coil

The Noor Evo features a Ceramic-walled Core with a dual Quartz Coil heating element, allowing it to reach high temperatures quickly and retain that heat for efficient vaping sessions. There's no need to slow down and wait for your vape to meet your needs- trust in the ceramic chamber of the Noor's cartridge to help you enjoy every last drop of your concentrates, waxes, and oils.

400mAh Battery

Big things come in small packages! The Noor's battery holds 400 mAh of charge and features variable voltage and a pre-heat setting to get your vape chamber clean and ready for your next round of concentrates, or to get your current batch warmed up and ready for you.

510 Threading

Utilizing the industry standard 510 threading means that the battery and the cartridge are both interchangeable with your favorite accessories and parts! Maybe you have a larger capacity battery, or a favorite tank you'd like to use with this device. It's all up to you- but the Noor alone is powerful enough to handle your best concentrates and is sure to be your new favorite!

Variable Voltage

With three simple clicks of the button on the Noor Evo's battery it can cycle between 3 voltages, represented by different colors. The ring around the battery will flash with the selected voltage's color and that color will persist when it's clicked for use. The battery will even remember what voltage you last selected the next time you turn it on.

Pre-Heat Setting

Whether you're ready for some new material or wanting what you've got to be heated up for you, the Noor Evo's battery houses a pre-heat function. With two quick clicks of its button the pre-heat setting will begin. The color around the button will cycle from red through blue as its pre-heat runs and will eventually stop glowing when it's complete.

Included Accessories

Right out of the box you will receive:

  • 1x Noor 400 mAh Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1x Cartridge
  • 1x 510-to-USB Charger
  • 1x Metal Tool

The Noor's Cartridge consists of:

  • 1x Ceramic Chamber with Dual Quartz Coil
  • 1x Vent Chamber
  • 1x Mouthpiece

In total, this pen vape is ready to run out of the box! Simply unscrew the vent chamber from the ceramic-walled coil chamber, place your material inside, screw it back together, and hit the battery button! The box itself is the perfect gift box, ready to be wrapped, gifted, or opened immediately. Also included with the Noor Evo is the 510-to-USB charger, which the battery screws into and you can charge it either from an outlet with a wall adapter or through a computer at your desk. Behind the Noor in the box is a metal tool useful for cleaning out your device or helping to get your material inside just right.


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