OCB Bamboo 70mm Pre-Rolled Cones, 10-Pack


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  • Single Pack containing 10 unbleached 70mm mini cones. 
  • Ultra thin and slow burning for the best smoking experience. 
  • Unbleached, vegan, GMO-free bamboo paper. 
  • 32-Pack display box available. 

Introducing America's first bamboo rolling papers by OCB. All natural bamboo fiber and natural acacia gum give OCB Bamboo Cones a consistent satisfying smoke, every time.

The material for these Cones is responsibly harvested dye-free, chlorine-free and bleach-free with 100% bamboo fibers to ensure these papers are as natural as possible. Each cone is 70mm in length, including tip.

Each unit is a pack of 10 cones.

32-Pack Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, order quantities of 32 of this product to receive them all in a closed and sealed box ready to be opened and displayed in your store.

Cones per Pack:
10 Cones
Display Box Quantity:
32 Packs