Oura Intelligent Concentrate E-Rig, Black

By: Kandypens
This Product Has Been Discontinued.

Portable, Intelligent, Aesthetic E-Rig


  • Powerful 3000mAh Battery
  • 4 Temperature Settings (620° F, 860° F, 980° F, 1090° F)
  • 60-Second Session Mode
  • "Smart Touch" Power Sensor (No button)
  • USB-C Fast Charging
  • Developed & Designed in the USA

Say hello to the best E-Rig you will ever own.

This is the Oura, developed with aesthetics in mind as much as power and efficiency. Boasting an outrageous 3,000 mAh battery to help heat the Oura up to an outstanding 1,090° F, the Oura packs all the power you need to get the most from any concentrate or essential oil you drop into it.

Fully assembled (meaning the glass chamber is on the base) this e-rig stands less than 8" tall, at 7.75", and extends 3.75" wide including the atomizer. The body is constructed from a premium zinc alloy to give the Oura a durable and comfortably weighted body, perfect for passing around during group sessions and also to protect it from a lifetime of use.

Hand-Crafted Glass Chamber

The glass chamber of the Oura features a frosted inner percolator surrounded by a bulbous exterior chamber. The bubble in the outer chamber helps water and smoke cycle around, cooling and enhancing its flavor to the max for your enjoyment. The chamber is crafted from thick glass and can be easily attached or removed for easy cleaning.

One Smart Touch Sensor

Why rely on physical buttons which will eventually give out; the Oura is built with a touch-sensitive power button to perform all of its functions. With five fast taps the Oura will power on or off; three clicks will cycle the Oura through its four temperature settings, each reflected by an illuminated light:

  • Yellow: 620° F
  • Green: 860° F
  • Red: 980° F
  • Blue: 1090° F

Holding the sensor for five seconds will illuminate the band around the Oura to show what level the battery is at and how much charge is remaining:

  • Green: > 70%
  • Yellow: 30% - 70%
  • Red: < 30%

Session Mode

Two taps is all it takes to fire up the Oura's Session Mode. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your concentrates without any work. After five short seconds the Oura will come up to the target temperature, set with three clicks, and will remain at temperature for a good 60 seconds. Just relax, inhale slowly, and enjoy.

What's in the Box

  • Oura Base: 1100 mAh battery with Smart Touch sensor
  • Oura Glass Attachment: Hand Crafted dome with intake and frosted glass perc
  • Quartz Crystal Glass Atomizer: Full-bodied dish atomizer
  • Ceramic Cup Insert: Easily cleanable, perfectly paired dish for your concentrates
  • Carb Cap & Tether: Flush and attached for perfect carburation
  • Cotton Sticks x5
  • Applicator Tool
  • USB-C Charging Cable & Adapter
  • Velvet Bag
  • Quick Start Guide