Pax Concentrate Insert

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Upgrade your Pax to Enjoy Concentrates

Pax has become the ultimate standard in dry herb vaping, producing the most sleek and user-friendly vape system, and now, if you did not get the Complete Kit or need a replacement part, you can enjoy concentrates and waxes in your Pax 3 device with this concentrate insert!

Designed to fit the Pax 3, this little insert simply slips onto the bottom of your device and can vaporize your favorite concentrates while you're on the go. It can fit the Pax 2 as well, but the device struggles to reach a consistently high enough temperature to truly enjoy waxes.

Simply place a small amount of solid concentrate in the center of the chamber and close it up, replace the bottom compartment of the Pax 3 with this new insert, set the temperature to high, and enjoy!