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The R2 Series Vaporizer Pen Rips!

How do you improve perfection? I would never try, but These Things Rip took a shot at improving the very best oil pen on the market. This is the new R Series 2.0. They got rid of the titanium wrapped rod in the burn chamber for a ceramic rod. Wow, #ThisThingStillRips.

The R2 Series Gen 3 Vape Pen Rips! This is a brand new oil concentrate vape from the trusted TTR brand. Small and discrete, this vape is about the size of your average pen. The heating element has ceramic rod inside of a polycarbonate heating chamber that allows you to see your vapor clouds build up!

R2 Series Gen 3 Vape Pen comes with a 6500UA battery with micro chip processor for long battery life. For your convenenience, there is a three stage color battery life indicator with an integrated safety shutdown feature.

R Series Gen 3 Vape Pen includes free stainless steel loading tool, platinum cured storage jar, an extra atomizer, and cleaning wipes!

*Limited 90 day warranty on the battery and USB charger.

Buy 6 for a full display.

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