Puffco Plus Battery

By: Puffco

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Power Plus

This is the Latest Version - Now with 15% more battery life!

This is a replacement battery for the Puffco Plus and comes with everything you expect from the same battery included with the full Puffco Plus Concentrate Vape Kit. This battery is loaded with all the standard features, from the variable voltage cycling to Puffco's proprietary Sesh-mode to keep the vape hot for a continuous 12 seconds.

This battery is Puffco's latest and greatest, bolstered with an additional 15% battery life and pushing its capacity to 600mAh.

Puffco Plus's battery packs three voltage settings which can be easily cycled through with four quick clicks of the power button: 3.6 V illuminated by a blue light, 3.9 V in green, and 4.2 V in white.

Available in Black

This replacement battery is available in Black.

*Supercharger not included.