Puffco Pro 2 Battery

By: Puffco

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Sleek, Steel, Strong, Sesh

  • 430mAh Capacity - Power for 100+ uses per charge
  • Precision-Milled Stainless Steel construction
  • 3 Voltage Settings (580° F, 650° F, 720° F)
  • 12-Second Sesh Mode

Whether you're looking for a low price on a replacement battery for your Puffco Pro 2 or are shopping around for a great new battery for your favorite cartridge, you can count on Puffco to deliver with a balance of form and function. Puffco, one of the leaders in high-end vaporizer pens and E-Rigs, brings you the slim steel styling of the Puffco Pro 2. This battery is only 3" tall and, despite its battery being 430mAh, can last through a whole night of enjoyment.

Built for the Puffco Pro 2; Designed with 510-Threading

Screw on Puffco Pro 2's amazing chamber and mouthpiece to enjoy your waxy concentrates at their peak; or grab your favorite concentrate atomizer to enjoy things your own way. A great pairing would be a simple Quartz Coil Atomizer, such as this one from our shop, to take full advantage of the Puffco Pro 2 Battery's heat output.

Variable Voltage for the Perfect Flavor

This Puffco Pro 2 Battery features 3 heat settings to reach the best temperature for your terps. 4 quick clicks will cycle through these three settings:

  • Green - Low (580° F)
  • Blue - Medium (650° F)
  • White - High (720° F)

Featuring Puffco's Signature Sesh Mode

A staple on all Puffco products, Sesh Mode returns on this battery! Two clicks of the power button will activate a 12-second Sesh Mode, keeping the unit at a continuous temperature for either steady, slow enjoyment or to share with your friends. Set your temperature with four clicks, activate Sesh Mode with two clicks, and give the button one press if you want to end Sesh Mode early.

Stainless Steel Construction, Natural Finish

The Puffco Pro 2 Battery is milled from a solid piece of stainless steel for a strong, durable construction that won't fail you, ever. With black accents, the steel finish gives it a classy while staying discreet.