Quad Torch Metal Lighter

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Four Flames are Better Than One


  • Perfect size for bangers
  • Full Metal body
  • Child Resistant Trigger
  • Flame Shield
  • Built-in Snuffer
  • Adjustable Flame Strength
  • Refillable
  • Available in Black and Blue
  • 8-Piece Display Available

Put some power in your pocket with this Quad Torch Lighter! Boasting four igniters ready to fire at the click of the trigger, this pocket torch offers heat and power to rival larger, professional torches. The body is constructed from a strong, durable metal which helps the lighter resist shocks and drops. The black trigger in the back, when pressed, lifts a cover hiding the four igniters and, through piezo ignition, lights the four flames to concentrate on your cigarette or cigar of choice.

At the bottom of the body is the refill port, awaiting your favorite butane although each lighter comes filled already. Surrounding the refill port is a little black wheel with a handle that can be lifted out. This wheel adjusts the flame of the torch, ranging from full blast to relatively no butane ejected at all (and no flame). Set it accordingly for the perfect flame for your material.

Also built into the back is a metal snuffer. The default hole is sized for a cigarette, but it can be opened to reveal a larger hole to snuff your cigarette if need be.

Perfect Size for Dabbing

Four flames may seem excessive at times, but the four on this torch are laid out at just the right size to properly and evenly heat the bottom of a banger! Simply hold this flame underneath and marvel as your favorite banger reaches a uniform temperature much more efficiently than any single-flame torch could ever do.

Available in Black and Blue

The heads of these torches are mirror-finish metal, but their bodies are an anodized finish in either Black or Blue. Each order will receive one at random.

8 Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, when you order 8 of these metal torches you will receive a display box containing 4 Black and 4 Blue lighters to prop up in your store! Order eight to receive this box, which you can see in the pictures above.

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