RAW Clipper Lighter with Cork Sleeve


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  • Save Money, Save the Planet with a Reusable Clipper Lighter. 
  • Twice the capacity of a conventional lighter, plus replaceable flint. 
  • RAW x Clipper collaboration, with proceeds benefiting the RAW Foundation. 
  • Classic Clipper lighter with a natural Cork sleeve. 
  • 30-Piece Display Box Available for Wholesale

Raw strives to bring natural materials together with sustainable practices, and the new RAW Clipper Lighter with Cork Sleeve is no different!

Innovating from their first collaboration, this new RAW lighter is the same Clipper lighter you know and love, which is refillable and offers a replaceable flint which doubles as a poker, now covered with one of the world's most useful and abundant natural resources: cork!

The cork sleeve surrounding this lighter is hand woven for a sure fit, and will protect your lighter from falls, bumps, and scrapes.