RAW Prepare for Flight Rolling Tray, Large


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  • Large Size Tray: 13.5" x 11"
  • Surreal Artwork
  • Durable Metal with High, Rolled Edges

Prepare for liftoff with Raw, your favorite natural rolling paper company. This full metal tray features unique artwork inspired by RAW owner Josh Kesselman himself of a blunt "as big as a plane."

The Raw Prepare for Flight Rolling Tray is made from strong, durable metal which resists bending and scratching. Its curved corners and edges are a tall 1.25" high, ensuring that every scrap of herb and flower can be reached without being lost. Being made entirely of metal also means that this tray can accept any magnetic accessories, like a RAW Magnetic Tray Cover (in large)!

This large size tray measures an expansive 13.5" wide by 11" tall, a great lap size and usable anywhere! This is the perfect tray for the Roll Your Own enthusiast, and its surreal artwork makes it one-of-a-kind!

A Word from Raw

The RAW Prepare For Flight Rolling Tray started as a joke where someone said “you should ‘roll one as big as a plane and then take off.”

Josh Kesselman