Rick and Morty 7" Banger Hanger Bong, Assorted Colors

By: Southside Glassworks

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  • 7" tall banger hanger bong. 
  • Rick and Morty graphic water pipe. 
  • Banger Hanger design with base-connected perc and bent neck. 
  • Includes 14mm dry herb bowl. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

Banger hangers make toking easy, and if you're a fan of the hits how Rick and Morty, you'll definitely want to grab this Rick and Morty 7" Banger Hanger Bong.

Covered with various Rick and Morty graphics referencing the show, this small bong is the perfect piece for new smokers and veterans alike. The banger hanger body puts the flame far away from the mouthpiece, and the bent mouthpiece makes for easy toking.

Inside is a base-connected perc which bubbles like a diffusing downstem. Light percolation makes for stronger flavors, so you'll get the most taste from your herbs and waxes.

Rick and Morty 7" Banger Hanger Water Pipes are available in an assortment of colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random color.