Rick & Morty 900mAh Pen Vape Battery, Assorted Designs

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Level up your vaping with these affordably priced 900mAh 510-thread batteries. Available at some of the lowest prices online, these 3.5" batteries feature an assortment of various out-of-this-world, trippy Rick and Morty graphics including a black-and-white striped "Off White" design.

These batteries feature both 510- and eGo-threading, allowing them to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges on the market today, and chances are they will work with yours. Simply activate the battery with 5 quick clicks, then hold to heat your vape juice of choice. To lock the battery, simply press the power button 5 times again.

Assorted Graphics Available

These cartoon vape pen batteries are available in an assortment of graphics and designs, mostly centering around Rick from the hit Adult Swim cartoon Rick & Morty, in various styles including some reminiscent of Calvin & Hobbs. Although obscure, even the Off White design is a reference to the show!

Because of their assorted nature, no one graphic style can be guaranteed to be in stock. Each order will receive one design at random.