Rick and Morty Twist 1100 mAh Adjustable Voltage Battery, Assorted Designs

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Variable Voltage
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  • 1100 mAh capacity stick battery. 
  • Includes 510- and eGo threading for universal usage. 
  • Features assorted Rick and Morty designs, some with Backwoods branding! 
  • Twistable dial to adjust voltage between 3.3V - 4.8V. 

Warning: Charging this device using a wall outlet USB adapter may short circuit the device. Use the included charger with a computer, portable power brick, or other USB-based charging solution.
If you're having problems or believe your device may have shorted out, contact us and we can help.

When you want a cool Rick and Morty battery, grab one of these awesome Rick and Morty Twist 1100 mAh Adjustable Voltage Batteries, featuring the Backwoods brand!

Rick and Morty twist batteries find new life in these Backwoods 510 batteries. Featuring artwork with iconic Backwoods designs and their logo, these batteries are fit for any of your favorite accessories thanks to their 510 threading.

Boasting 1100 mAh and a wide, fully adjustable voltage from 3.3V up to 4.8V, these batteries are ready to power you through the entire day. And their slim pen battery shape ensures they can slip into a pocket with ease.

These Rick and Morty Backwoods Batteries are available in an assortment of styles, mixed between Backwoods and Rick and Morty. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random style.