Rick & Morty Stash Box w/ Jar & Grinder

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Aw geez, Rick! Another adventure, already? Can't we just- just take a break for, I don't know, a minute? Well... Well okay, I'll do it, but not because I want to! C'mon... Uh... okay.

This, uh, this storage box has a nice latch to keep everything inside secure, and on the top is a design that's mirrored through the other things inside! The design is uh, well, I mean there are assorted designs, and there are, like, 3, I mean, so uh, unless you can specify which one you want it's kinda up to chance, you know?

Inside the box are some- wow! Some stickers, to label the included jar. Like I said, the jar has the same design from the top of the box on its lid, and the jar has some thick silicone padding under its lid to keep the contents in and the air out.

Also in the box is a little grinder for any kind of intra-dimensional- I mean, EARTHY herbs and such, and uh, still has the same design from before. The top of the grinder is magnetic so it only comes off when you need it to, and the other parts unscrew to reveal the ground herbs and, under a small mesh, the leftover powder. Oh! Also, at the bottom of it all is a little tool to help scrape out every little bit!

That, uh, that's about it. Thanks for listening! I mean, uh- I hope you buy it! Please--

Okay Morty, I'm gonna- *buuurp* I'm gonna have to cut you off there Morty. It could have been better Morty but- but you know what, it'll do. Now come on! We've got more- more important things to do, Morty, than hang around here!

Available in Assorted Designs

These Rick & Morty Stash Kits are available in a wide variety of designs, each varying between size. Each order will receive one at random unless a specific style is requested.