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Royal Blunts is a premier quality brand manufacturer of blunt wraps, tobacco wraps, and cigar papers. Royal Blunts has a variety of flavors and will leave a satisfying taste in your mouth. The wrappers are incredibly smooth, and they stay intact throughout the whole burn. If you want a tasty smoke that is loaded with delicious exotic flavors, then you can’t go wrong with Royal Blunts.

This premium brand comes in a range of flavors that include Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, and many more. Choose your favorite from the drop down above to get the flavor you want delivered right to you door!

Each flavor comes sealed tight in a foil package to ensure freshness and flavor.

Every flavor includes one (1) single wrap (which, as the box says, "Rolls up to 2!"), with the exception of Peach, which is an XXL wrap and contains 2 wraps. 

25-Pack Displays Available

Receive a FREE display case when you order 25 of any one flavor of wrap! Simply add 25 of a single flavor to your cart and we will ship them all within their graphic box, ready to open and distribute to customers or friends.