Shatter Batter Concentrate to Vape Juice Emulsifier

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Turn Concentrates into Vapable Liquids

Love your concentrates but don't want to carry around an e-nail or vaporizer with an obvious dabbing nail? You certainly don't want to carry around your rigs with you!

With Shatter Batter you can convert your concentrates into a vapable e-juice liquid with only a short bit of microwaving! Shatter Batter's unique formula will break down your concentrates into a thick oil after adding heat, allowing you to simply drip it into your favorite (or most discreet) vape pen to enjoy on the go! Each bottle contains 30ml of emulsifying Shatter Batter to convert your wax, shatter, crumble, or other concentrate into an e-liquid which means, if you follow the directions of using 3ml each time, you can make 10 batches of thick oil vape juice from one bottle!

Just follow these simple directions to convert your favorite concentrates into a vapable oil

  1. Place 1 gram of concentrate into a small silicone container
  2. Add 3ml of your favorite Shatter Batter
  3. Microwave on high 12-15 seconds
  4. Stir vigorously
  5. Pour liquid into your favorite vape tank
  6. Enjoy!

It's that easy! Choose between great flavors such as "Nutty Nana" with a delicious aroma of your grandma's banana bread, "Ruby Rose" with the alluring smell of grapefruit, "Fruit Frenzy" for a citrus bash, or "Natural" for a flavorless oil to enjoy your concentrates as they are.

The liquid is easiest to pour into a tank while still hot, so grab your favorite e-juice tank, your best concentrate, and a bottle of your favorite flavor of Shatter Batter and get ready to take your concentrates anywhere!

Mixed concentrates will appear to separate as the mixture cools, but just give it some strong shakes and everything will disperse.