12" Premium Swirl Hookah, 2 Hoses

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12" Swirl 2 Hose Hookah in Premium Color Box

  • 12" Tall (Fully Assembled)
  • Includes Everything for Use (except Shisha)
  • Beautiful Swirl Neck
  • Available in Many Colors

When it's time to chill, grab one of these 12" Premium Swirl Hookahs. Each is boxed in an aluminum storage box ready to be opened, assembled, and enjoyed. These premium hookahs feature an elegant swirling design around the neck and includes not just one, but TWO 3.5" Black Light hoses and every part necessary for use including a ceramic bowl.

1-Hose Version Available

This hookah has 2 hoses included, making it perfect for sharing. But if you're looking to chill alone, you don't need two hoses. Grab a 12" Premium Swirl Hookah with 1 Hose to spare yourself the second output, and keep the hookah vapor contained.

Available in Assorted Colors

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