Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe

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A Sweet Silicone Treat

Indulge your sweet tooth- not with sugar, but with this decorative Ice Cream Cone pipe! Despite its unique look it works just like a conventional hand pipe: it has a carb on the side for influencing airflow, a tapering neck, and comes with a glass bowl insert for the best taste from anything you put into it. These hand pipes are almost 5" long.

Available in Blue and Yellow

The available colors have a slight transparency to their ice cream, giving them a delicious look. Each are richly decorated with colored sprinkles, a textured waffle-cone style neck, and boast quality craftsmanship which will keep this pipe in your hands for years to come.

Replaceable Glass Insert

The included glass insert is conventional for most silicone pipes, featuring a sloping interior and a single opening for smoke and ash to fall through. If you want an upgrade, though, we have one available: a glass filter insert for silicone pipes! It features multiple small holes for smoke to flow through while leaving ash behind, and simply slips into the place of the old one.

Get a replacement Glass Bowl Insert from Waterbeds 'n' Stuff here.

Upgrade your smoking experience with a Glass Filter Bowl, available here.

Enjoy a Cool Treat Today

Whether to beat the summertime heat or as a sweet winter treat, these cool ice cream cone pipes will satisfy your desire for something sweet and add a unique piece to your collection.