Rick & Morty Silicone Nectar Collector

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Short & Simple Silicone Straw

Enjoy your waxy concentrates with ease with these simple Silicone Straws featuring Rick & Morty graphics! These 4.5" nectar collectors come with a 3" tall 14mm Titanium Straw, which can be inserted after removing the cap at the end of the collector. When you need a break, there's no reason to break down this pipe and put it away: use the cap as a resting place to balance your nectar collector on to keep the hot tip off of your surfaces and allow it to cool. When you are done, just take out the straw and pop the cap back on for convenient, quick storage.

Available in Assorted Tints

These Rick & Morty Nectar Collectors are available in a variety of tints, due to their silicone construction. Such tints include White (which doesn't interfere with the graphics), Red, Blue, and Glow-in-the-Dark. The tints change the final look of the graphics on top of them, lending their color. Each order will receive a random tint nectar collector.

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