Silicone Penis Waterpipe

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Joint Size:
19mm Female

  • 7.5" Tall
  • 19mm Female Joint
  • Removable bottom
  • Includes 19mm Male Bowl

Long and strong, and down to get the toking on! Add this unique pipe to your collection for a phallic or funny twist. The body is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone resistant of heat up to 500 degrees. Molded with a mushrooming head, veiny shaft, and a large sack, this phallic pipe has a 19mm female joint leading down to a diffuser to mix your smoke with cooling water before it rises up the 7.5" height to your mouth. The bottom of the pipe is removable for easy cleaning and emptying. Included with the pipe, nestled inside the body, is a 19mm male glass bowl for enjoying your pipe as soon as you get it.

Available in tan and an assortment of mixed colors. Pictured above are the available color mixes. If you have a preference let us know, and if we can fulfill it we can! Otherwise, or if we don't have your requested style, you will receive a random color.