Silot Auto-Draw Portable Vaporizer Kit

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Discrete & Button-less Portable Vaporizer

Silot is a new breed of portable vaporizer, combining the two most effortless technologies present in other vaporizers: button-free auto draw, activating only when you are ready to take a hit; and magnetic adapters to quickly and easily exchange your vaporizer cartridge with minimal or no threading. Its sturdy precision-milled aluminum body is built to withstand any use and abuse, and comes with a 510-thread .25 mL tank with a ceramic mouthpiece and a magnetic adapter ring.

Air-Activated Design

For the ultimate in sleek looks, the Silot has no buttons on its battery face, the only blemish being on the bottom where the charging port is. With no buttons to use, there's only one way it could work: the Silot is air-activated! Never worry about your vaporizer turning on in your pocket, or endless clicking. The Silot is ready when you are. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece and the Silot activates and vaporizes your material on-the-fly.

510-Threading, Magnetic Thread Adapter

Strong enough to stay in place yet able to be pulled straight out, magnetic adapters are a massive time saver in this non-stop life of ours. No longer unscrew your cartridges out of your vaporizers, just pull it out! The magnetic adapter features 510-threading and can be effortlessly re-threaded onto your favorite vape cartridge. Once you have it on, just drop your cartridge straight into the battery and it's ready to go!

400mAh Battery, 30 Minute Charging Time

A 400mAh battery will keep the Silot by your side all day, and a quick 30 minute charge time will get it back into the fray.

Aluminum Body & Ceramic Mouthpiece

The Silot features a sleek, metal body, smooth and cool to the touch and made of high-end aluminum. On the front is a small window to peek at the level of liquid you have left. The included ceramic cartridge features a ceramic core with a cotton wick, a .25mL volume, and a ceramic mouthpiece.

Superior Cartridge Compatibility

 The Silot vaporizer has a wide ranging cartridge compatibility so you don't have to worry about "will it fit" scenarios. Compatible with CCell, A3, CE3, G2, and BBTank.


Included with this Kit

The Silot comes complete, boxed with everything necessary to vape right away (except an e-juice):

  • 1x Silot 400mAh Battery
  • 1x Ceramic Cartridge
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1x USB Charger