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Skinny cans and Tall Boys don't often get the love they deserve. Grab yourself a can cooler custom-designed for skinny cans which can convert into a beer bong with The Skinny Can Kong, the world's first and best can cooler and beer bong.

Designed and manufactured in Columbus, Ohio (our home too!), The Kong is here to change the way you party!

Durable EVA foam insulation keeps your canned beverage as chilled as you, but when you're ready to take the good times up to eleven, check this out:

How to turn The Kong into a beer bong.

The Skinny Can Kong can hold 16 fl. oz. of your favorite beverage. Just attach the hose to the bottom and bend it to the top, fill the Kong and chug the bong!

The Tall Boy Kong Beer Bong is available in many cool colors. Pick the one that suits you best and enjoy! We also carry a Regular Can Kong Beer Bong for those who enjoy tall boys.

The Kong also makes a great gift! (:1f609:)

Are you looking for replacement parts, or maybe some cool Kong merch? Unfortunately we don't carry any at this time, but head over to Kong's website for anything you need!