Small Glass Carb Cap & Dabber

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Dab and Carb, 2-in-1

Accessorize your banger and pipe with these colorful Short Glass Carb Cap & Dabber tools. No two are alike; some may be longer or shorter than 3", the tips may come to a point or be a ball larger than the shaft; but no matter what separates them, all the tools will have a bell-shaped body with a carburetor. The bottom of this tool is flat for ease of manipulating.

Large 5.5" Version Available

Maybe these small 3" tools aren't enough for you, and you need something bigger! Browse over to our Large Glass Carb Cap & Dabber to check out an alternate, larger, more ornate version. The larger size features raised edges for the carb cap to rest over your banger, and a pinched center for added effect on the body. The dab tip is 3" long, but the overall height is 5.5" tall.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Carb Cap & Dabbers are available in assorted colors, some clear and some opaque, and include Green, Purple, and Clear.

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