Special Blue Metal Head Cream Dispenser 1 Pint

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Special Blue Metal Head Cream Dispenser 1 Pint

Start your love affair with whipped cream with this great rubberized dispenser. These high quality Whipped Cream Dispensers are designed to provide great whipped cream at a reasonable cost, making this a great first-time unit. This dispenser is perfect for the home or business, and produces great, fresh whipped cream.

  • High quality design, yet affordable, good for any budget
  • Rubberized body and plastic head
  • Uses 8 gram nitrous oxide chargers
  • Includes a straight decorating tip and a tulip decorating tip
  • Holds one pint
  • Yields 1 pint of fresh whip cream or topping (15 to 20 drinks)
  • Whipped cream will last up to 14 days in the refrigerator

1/2 Pint Dispenser Available

For a smaller, more compact product able to produce the same outstanding results, check out the Special Blue Metal Head Cream Dispenser 1/2 Pint. Available in the same cool color styles and suede finishes, these dispensers are shorter and more compact.