Standing Metal Glow Sherlock Pipe

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Simple Metal Sherlock with Extraordinary Glow Rings

Mix it up! Everyone knows the profile of a pipe: it's long, it has a bowl, and it's straight. But why? Change the formula with this Standing Metal Sherlock! Not only is this a Sherlock, giving it a more unique silhouette than a traditional hand pipe, but it also can stand straight up on its own thanks to its heavy metal, flat base.

In addition, this pipe also is covered in glow o-rings, able to stay illuminated in the dark or at parties under black lights. Completely covering the neck and adorning both the rounded mouthpiece and bowl, this pipe is ready to glow!

The bowl of this pipe features a smoke-through lid, able to hold your materials inside and still allow a flame in to enjoy your smoke in peace. The bowl comes up from the base at a 45° angle, while the stem and mouthpiece are straight.

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