Standing Metal Pipe with Carb and Plastic Stem, Assorted

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Grab yourself this one-of-a-kind pipe before it's gone! This is a unique-looking, standing metal pipe with a 3-way connector joint that allows it to include a carb at the bottom. The bowl juts out at a 45° angle on one side, and on the other side is the mouthpiece, at an opposing 45° angle, allowing you to comfortably use this vertical pipe.

Built into the middle of the stem is a straight plastic tube giving you both a window to the inside and a small splash of color on an otherwise silver-looking pipe. Also, covering various joints and crannies are black o-rings to add more personality to this unique pipe.

Available in Assorted Colors

The center of this nickel-bodied pipe is a plastic tube which is available in a variety of colors including Green, Blue, Red, and even an opaque Black. Each order will receive one at random.

Limited Part Piece

This pipe is built with a piece that's in limited supply: the 3-way joint. Once this pipe is gone, it's gone for good. Grab one today!

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