Stone Hand Pipes Assorted

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Unique Boxy Stone Pipe

Milled straight from traditional materials, these Stone Pipes are weighty and strong. Each unique pipe is milled from stone, varying from Onyx to Sandstone. According to Native Americans onyx symbolizes initiation and change, alluding to the growth of personal power. Find that power with the help of these Onyx Pipes, to find peace in letting go of the thoughts that wear you down.

Let yourself stand out! Everyone knows about wooden pipes, and glass pipes are always around, but stone pipes? Be the one with the most unique hand pipe: one carved out of Onyx! Each pipe features a cylindrical bowl with a pipe milled straight through from the mouth. As the pipe size increases so does the bowl capacity, and the weight! Each style is carved meticulously, and each pipe offers its own unique flair. The one you order tomorrow might not be the same one you get today!

Available in assorted colors and styles. Each pipe is individually crafted so size and style may differ.