Terp Pearls, 2 Pack

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Keep your Dabs Cool with Terp Pearls

Unlock the finest taste of your concentrates by keeping your dabs cool- Terp Pearls help evenly distribute heat to maximize flavor while minimizing heat!

Each terpene flavor can be unlocked at a specific temperature range. Regardless of which temp you need to hit to get the best flavor, you can count on Terp Pearls to help you get there. These pearls are simply smooth spheres of quartz which help trap heat and move it smoothly through your waxy concentrates. Use two, use eight; the more Terp Pearls, the more your heat will be spread around and kept low.

You can think of these Terp Pearls as pieces of charcoal. When you add heat to them, they can retain it without igniting or burning, especially not burning your precious concentrates. Just like charcoal, Terp Pearls will keep heat and spread it evenly through the grill- your banger.

Use as many pearls as you see fit to get the sweetest taste from your concentrates! Don't overheat and burn off the terpenes- enjoy them to the max!

Comes in a Package of Two

Each order placed will receive a pair of pearls, perfect for enjoying your waxy concentrates and terps!

Available in Clear and Glow-In-The-Dark Green

These Terp Pearls are available in two color styles: crystal Clear and glowing Green. At the time of order we will pick one at random for you unless you specify whether you would like one more than the other in your order notes.

Choose Between 6mm or 8mm Diameter Pearls

Pick your favorite from the options list above! Whether you pick a 6 or 8 millimeter pair of pearls, either one will help you enjoy your concentrates at lower temperatures. For smaller bangers you may want to opt for the smaller pearls.

Check Out Our Terp Banger Kits

To complete the Terp Pearl experience, have a look at our Terp Banger Kits, available with a Male or Female joint. These banger kits feature a very wide bucket banger, comes with a pair of glowing Green 6mm Terp Pearls, and has a very nice directional carb cap. Browse over and give it a look! It's worth it just for the extra wide banger!

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