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Waterless Gravity Pipe

A design originating in Israel and featuring Middle-Eastern influences and traditional mechanics, The Bukket is a fresh, innovative approach to a gravity pipe! Using it is easy and effortless: simply load, light, and drop, trapping all the smoke inside, then remove the bowl and breathe it in, a little or a lot at a time! When not in use the Bukket is a compact 3.5" tall, and when you're ready to enjoy it and extend it to trap a load of smoke, the accordion section extends to a whopping 12 inches! Cleanup is a breeze, too; the accordion section is made of a durable synthetic plastic, and to get the best reach inside to clean every nook and cranny you simply unscrew the bottom and let it drop off. Wipe the inside clean, let it dry, then screw the bottom back on and light up another bowl's worth!

Load, Light, Drop

At first glance, the Bukket is unassuming and unaproachable. It doesn't look like anything, much less a gravity pipe! But don't worry: using it is easier than a walk in the park! Each Bukket comes with a metal bowl which can rest in the empty spot on the top or inside of the mouthpiece. Once you drop it into the opening, simply load it with your favorite dry herb blend, light it up, and extend the Bukket and let gravity, and suction, do the work for you! The Bukket will "breathe" in the smoke and contain it inside. Once you've fully extended the bucket, use the handy stay-cool silicone ring on the bowl to remove it, then place one hand on the bottom of the Bukket with your mouth over the opening, and inhale slow. Easy, right? Right!

Includes a Metal Bowl

Each Bukket comes with a metal bowl with a silicone stopper ring. This bowl fits nicely into the mouthpiece of the Bukket and has a grated filter inside to hold your herbs. When it's time to move it, the stay-cool silicone ring will help you move the bowl aside for you to enjoy the mouthpiece.

Available in Assorted Colors

Bukkets are available in an assortment of two-tone colors, such as Purple and Orange or Blue and Green; a small assortment is pictured above. Each order will receive one at random.


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