Urban Glass 8" Beaker Tube with Ice Pinch

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Short Beaker Tube with Colored Accents

Urban Glass is back with another instant hit. This short Beaker-style water pipe is 8" tall but loaded with power. At the base of its neck is an ice pinch to hold up to 4" of ice to cool your smoke before it meets your mouth, and the included diffuser downstem will mix and percolate incoming smoke before that.

The body of the pipe has a 45° 19mm Female Joint, and the included downstem slides straight into that and results in a 14mm Female Joint. But that's not all! This pipe comes complete with a 14mm male slide bowl with a grip colored to match the accent color on the pipe.

Add this elegant waterpipe to your collection today!

Available in Assorted Colors

This waterpipe features colored accents on its mouth, bowl grip, and logo graphic. Such colors may include blue, teal, and pink. Each order will receive one at random.

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