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Introducing the V-One+, a sleek and portable concentrate vape pen. It boasts a 1500 mAh battery, a deep ceramic dish, and a stylish glass dome mouthpiece. The ceramic heating dish in the V-One+ provides very smooth, flavorful hits. The vaporization is a little slower than other vapes but it creates a more even vapor to retain those terpenes. Built into the bottom of the battery is a discreet concentrate storage cup for easy access on the go.

1500mAh Battery

The body of this vape is a sleek, cylindrical, 1500 mAh battery. On the front is a single button which controls power; on the back is a USB charging slot; and at the bottom is a hidden storage compartment for your concentrates on the go, lined with silicone for a non-stick and spill-free containment system. This battery boasts 510 threading, so it can also accept any attachment, mod, or cartridge you would really like to use with it!

Glass-Domed Ceramic Atomizer

The V-One+ atomizer is built around the deep ceramic dish at its center. With the glass dome removed, simply slip a small amount of concentrate in, replace the dome, and let the dish heat up. After only a few seconds the substance will begin to vaporize, slowly releasing clouds of sweet and flavorful vapor, which can very easily be inhaled through the glass mouthpiece thanks not only to the airtight dual o-ring design, but also since the mouthpiece extends almost straight down into the dish: you can get maximum flavor knowing you're taking straight from the source.

To clean the V-ONE+, simply hold the device upside down and dry fire the unit a few times allowing all the excess to drip out. Do not poke around the coil with anything whatsoever and avoid using cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol for cleaning as this could easily damage the coil.

Available in Black and Silver. Choose your favorite from the options above, and rest easy knowing we always try and keep a steady stock!

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