Vision Spinner 1100mAh Twist Variable Voltage Pen Battery

By: Vision
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  • 1100mAh Capacity
  • Variable Voltage between 3.3 V - 4.8 V
  • Standard 510 Thread
  • Assorted Colors

The greatest combination of power and affordability, the Vision Spinner combines an 1100mAh battery with a free variable voltage selection with its spinning dial, offering the freedom to select any voltage between 3.3 volts and 4.8 volts, the Spinner is a great vape battery you will be happy to own.

510- and eGo-Threaded

The Vision Spinner features dual threading to hold your favorite vape tanks and cartridges. Atop the barrel of the vape is a traditional 510 thread for most vape cartridges, including those by a wide assortment of other major companies; lower from that, near the body of the vape, is a wider eGo thread for more uniquely threaded tanks. No matter your preference, this battery is able to hold it all!

Rotating Variable Voltage Selection

Unlike most vape batteries which restrict you to a rigid set of voltage selections, the Spinner features a rotatable dial on the bottom which lets you select a voltage anywhere between 3.3 V and 4.8 V. A few numbers are labeled, to let you know where the dial lies, but it rotates freely without locking to any nearby number. Do you need exactly 4.28 V? No problem!

Available in Assorted Colors

The Vision Spinner is available in an assortment of colors, including PinkBlue, Green, and Purple. Check out the "Preferred Color" dropdown* above to see what's in stock and request a specific color, or leave it as "Randomly Awesome" to get a random color chosen by us!

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