Wild Berry Incense Cones

By: Wild Berry

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Cone Incense is always fun to enjoy, from the delicious scents they fill your home with to marveling at the leftover ash cone seemingly perfectly intact. Wild Berry, an America-based company making hand-dipped incense since 1971, has crafted these high-quality scented cones for your enjoyment!

100 Cone Bag

Ordering a quantity of 1 of these cones will get you a bag filled with 100 cones. Each cone burns for about an hour and it's very easy to enjoy one or more a day.

Learn More about Wild Berry Scents

Curious about what a particular scent contains? Some scent names aren't something you could imagine a smell for: "Opium"? "Voodoo"? "Wizard"? Even simple scents like "Cherry Vanilla" or "Ocean Wind" have more complex scents than you would initially think of. Find your scent in the list below to find what it's composed of, straight from the words of the manufacturer!

Scent Descriptions

  • Blend 22: A fruity mix of over a dozen fragrances. Notes include strawberry, heliotrope blossom, ginger, peach, patchouli and cinnamon spice.
  • Champa Flower: An exotic floral with notes of rose, sweet herbs and fresh berries. Deeper notes include patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Cherry Vanilla: A fresh cherry fragrance blended with rich vanilla. Deeper notes include bourbon and maple sugar.
  • Cinnamon: A fragrant cinnamon scent with sensuous notes of cinnamon stick and clove bud.
  • Coconut: A toasted coconut cream fragrance with notes of smooth vanilla bean and nutty praline.
  • Dragon's Blood: An exotic earthy fragrance with subtle notes of pine needle, arabian sandalwood, musk and amber. Inspired by the aromatic bright red sap produced by the dracaena draco tree.
  • Fantasia: An exotic fragrance blend with sensual notes of cinnamon stick, rich musk and vanilla bean.
  • Fizzy Pop: An effervescent splash of lemon lime soda fragrance. Bright sparkling notes include energizing citrus, light orange flower and citronella.
  • Fresh Rain: A clean crisp fragrance with notes of bergamot orange, fresh lemon, rose, lavender, sweet herbs and warm musk.
  • King Cake: A delectable cinnamon sugar scent with notes of fresh churned butter, agave nectar, powdered sugar and vanilla bean.
  • Musk: A rich musk fragrance with notes of tea rose and jasmine.
  • Mysteriosa: An opulent romantic blend with notes of narcissus, sultry ylang ylang, wild honey, orris root, oakmoss and tonka bean.
  • Ocean Wind: An invigorating citrus scent bursting with notes of fresh lime, tart grapefruit, warm jasmine, amber and musk.
  • Opium: A rich, spicy scent with delicate notes of petitgrain, soft lemon, ylang ylang, carnation petal, cinnamon, patchouli and warm vanilla.
  • Patchouli: A classic patchouli fragrance infused with notes of jasmine, soft musk, clean cedarwood and frangipanni petals. Patchouli is available in normal, deep, and sweet varieties.
  • Peace of Mind: A serene floral blend with notes of juicy peach, black currant, lilac, spicy hyacinth and warm vanilla bean.
  • Raspberry Rose: A mouth-watering raspberry rose scent with notes of tart orange, succulent pineapple, sweet strawberry, ylang-ylang, cherry, vanilla and caramelized sugar.
  • Sandalwood: A lovely sandalwood scent with notes of shaved cedarwood, delicate rose petal and rich amber.
  • Strawberry: A sun-ripened strawberry fragrance with notes of apple, agave nectar and vanilla.
  • Tranquility: A relaxing citrus blend with notes of bright lemon, fresh lime, sandalwood and soft amber.
  • Vanilla: A warm vanilla fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sugar.
  • Wizard: An enchanting citrus scent with notes of Sicilian bergamot, sheer yuzu, coriander spice, silver birch, atlas cedar and white musk.
  • Woodsman: A complex spicy citrus scent with enticing notes of cognac, dark amber, sandalwood, tobacco and cade oil.