Yocan Uni Universal Portable Box Mod

By: Yocan
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Battery Capacity:
650 mAh

Vape Color required

Finally, a box mod to fit ALL oil atomizers! Yocan put all their attention into making the most versatile portable vape mod and produced this: the Yocan Uni. Featuring variable temperatures, a pre-heat function, and, for the first time on a box mod, two more actions: a height-adjustment button and a diameter adjustment dial, each designed to give the best possible combination to hold your favorite atomizer.

The body of this box mod has three interactive elements:

  1. The Standard Action Button
    1. This button is the conventional power button that controls all the actions of this vape battery.
      5 clicks will power the unit on and off;
      2 clicks will activate a ten second preheat function;
      and 3 clicks will change the temperature from low, to medium, to high, as indicated by either one, two, or three illuminated lights.
  2. Height Adjustment Button
    1. Short cartridges or long atomizers, this vape can hold them all without sacrificing any style! On the front of the body is a small, slidable button which adjusts the internal height of the battery connection plate to raise or lower your cartridge between three steps to find the best height.
  3. Diameter Adjustment Dial
    1. Truly unique to the Uni is the diameter adjustment dial at the top of the device. Giving this dial a twist will open or close an aperture, defining the diameter of the opening at the top to properly hold your favorite cartridge.

As all these components come together they create the one-of-a-kind Yocan Uni, the universal portable box mod, available now in black and silver!